W Magazine: Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson pays homage to classic movie stars in W Magaine.

Scarlett Johansson rinde homenaje a figuras del cine clásico en una sesión de fotos para la Revista W.

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Silent movie star Buster Keaton 

Marlene Dietrich

Sarah Bernhardt

Guilietta Masina

LALALALALA...Daria in Real Life

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I've been a Daria fan since it premiered on MTV in 1997.  Daria is a spin-off of the animated "Beavis and Butt-head"  series.  She used to appear as a recurring character.  I love her sarcasm, her music tastes, her remarks, she's amazing. So imagine my surprise, when i wake up to the news about a real life Daria movie!.  This could either be amazing or a train wreck...either way, you know I'm watching.  

He sido fan de Daria desde que inicio en MTV en el 1997.  Daria es un personaje derivado de la serie original de MTV "Beavis y Butt-head". Solía aparecer como un personaje recurrente.  Amo su sarcasmo, su amor por la música, sus comentarios.  Es mi programa animado preferido.  Así que imaginense mi sorpresa, al enterarme que haran una pelicula de Daria en "vida real".   Esto puede ser asombroso o un disparate...pero sea lo que sea, esten seguros que lo vere! 

Daria with Butt-head (left) and Beavis (right)
MTV, asked the fans which actors they consider should play the characters, and this is what they came up with:

MTV, hizo una encuesta a los fans sobre que actores consideran deberian tomar el rol de los personajes del programa.  Acá están algunos de los preferidos:

Aubrey Plaza as Daria
Ellen Page as Jane (Daria's best friend)

Adrian Grenier as Trent (Jane's brother, Daria's crush)
Dianna Agron as Britanny (Ditzy High School Cheerleader)
Emily Osment as Quinn (Daria's girly girl sister)

I'm all up for Aubrey Plaza as Daria, don't know about Emily Osment as Quinn though. We'll find out soon enough! So excited!

Creo que Aubrey Plaza seria una excelente Daria, aunque no me parece Emily Osment como Quinn. Ya nos enteraremos más adelante! 

EDIT: It was announced today, that Aubrey Plaza WILL play Daria in the live action movie.
Se anunció hoy que Aubrey Plaza SERA Daria en la película. 

One of my favorite photographers...

Hi guys! 
I know I've been MIA for quite some time now and I apologize for it! 
So, here I am wanting to share with you guys one of the most controversial photographers. 
His style, well it varies a lot. Sometimes it's edgy, racy, explicit, others are clear, serene with a gloomy glow, divine.
Who am I kidding, it is mostly raunchy. 
It's Tyler Shields
Check out his works with celebs: 

Lindsay Lohan with Vampire Diaries Michael Trevino.

Sweetie Dianna Agron with short hair! Gasp!

This is actress Alessandra Torresani.

I'm a girl and I find this Hot!
Kristin Cavallari with her hot bod.

Lovely picture! You can clearly see the iris of her eyes! Great lenses.
This is actress Rose McIver, she appeared in the Lovely Bones.

Jenna Ushkowitz, asian community is probably Not happy about this. 
Then again, whatever! She's part of an amazing show!

Rose McIver and Mirrah Foulkes, 'Spit'. All said.

Harry Shum Jr. oh yeah, it's burning.

This is a painting with real blood from his (Tyler Shields of course) friends!

Yummy Alex Pettyfer, this picture supposedly broke his relationship with Dianna Agron. 
Oh well, he's single ladies!

Drake Bell in another perceptive. Grown.

Attractive Zachary Quinto. hmm.

The photographer Tyler Shields.
Amazing works!

One random info, he set a record by staying awake for 968 consecutive hours!


Stop bitchin' start a revolution...

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I love me some color. 

Jeremy Scott x Swatch

I absolutely adore the "lightening flash" one.  Available at Swatch.com

Macaroons birthday cake via The Blonde Salad.

H&M, Balmain inspired jacket

Fun nail decor.

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