Homemade Facial Masks

Posted by Carolina

Oatmeal Facial Mask

I was raised to be a facial mask lover.  I’ve been making them since I was a young girl.  

Why spend money on already made facials which sometimes have dangerous chemicals in it, when you can make it yourself?

The best facial masks are those you can do with basic ingredients from your own home. It’s easy, beneficial; you will feel like a bad ass, and also the keyword: it’s CHEAP.   

I want to share with you, two of my favorite and easy to do facial masks.

Note:  Remember to wash your face before putting on a facial mask.

Oatmeal Facial: Hydrates skin and leaves it feeling extra smooth. This is an incredible natural black head remover as well.

You need:


1- Take a bowl and add a few spoonful’s of oatmeal.
 (The quantity depends on how much you want to make)  

2- Add a little bit of milk and or honey (The honey is optional but makes the mask way better).  Don’t let the milk drown the oatmeal; just add enough to make it wet.

3- Mix it up, till you get a paste.

4-Put it on your face, avoiding eyes and lips and leave it till it hardens, this usually takes up to 20 minutes.

5- Once it’s dry, remove with warm water.

Egg White  Mask: It’s a natural facelift; tightens your skin, good deep cleansing effect, smooth skin, whitens skin as well.

You need:


1- Crack open an egg in half and pour the egg white into a small bowl.

2-Mix it until you see little bubbles appear.

3- Apply the egg white all over your face with a cotton ball.

4- You will feel your face “tighten”.  Leave it on till it completely dries.

5- Once it dries, remove with warm water.