Ralph Lauren 4D Fashion Light Show


It is really Amazing what you can do with technology nowadays. This must have been unbelievable if seen live! I wish I can eventually experience what those people saw.
Here is Ralph Lauren 4D (no oversized and ridiculous glasses needed) Fashion Show at its Madison Avenue store in New York City celebrating 10 years anniversary of RalphLauren.com
I got goosebumps just watching this. Seriously amazing! Speechless, I mean they really did a great job and of course Ralph Lauren hold no thought on its expenses. One second of 4D production might take up to tens of thousands of dollars!

As if the building was not pretty enough, they turned it into something entirely different yet stunning with the lightnings. Building changes shape and moves! Seems so real yet surreal at the same time.
Here's a video of the show, but one can guess that if we were present there it would have been more spectacular. Nevertheless, Ralph Lauren, Congratulations!



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  2. Wow! 4D! That's so insane! I've got to check it out.