Carey Mulligan wins Best Dressed Woman of the Year

Congratulations are in order for Miss Mulligan
She was voted Best Dressed Woman of the Year by Harper's Bazaar UK magazine, beating out the ever so immaculate Victoria Beckham as well as super model Katie Moss. 

Although she won best dressed of the year, Carey admits that fashion is not really her forte, 'I don't really care that much about fashion, I just have a brilliant stylist who dresses me, and in my own life, I'm pretty simple'. 

She launched into stardom thanks to her role as Jenny Mellor in the movie An Education which came out in 2009. 

Her style reminds me so much of the 60s with all the short do and all, very simple yet elegant with a modern touch. Here are some of her red carpet appearance:

In a LBD

Stunning in Prada

Dressed in Vionnet.

Of course, Lanvin!

Again, in Prada.

Lavin again as well. :)

Beautifully in Nina Ricci.

She loves Prada! :D

And another Lanvin! <3

Which one is your favorite?



  1. OHHH:p yo tengoo el vestido fusciaaa de lanviin :)

  2. I must agree. She's fabulous.

    Thanks for the comment!