Hey Babe!

Looking Great as usual!
Scarlett Johansson graced the cover of men's magazine GQ and was crowned as Babe of the Year.

But I think they over-brushed her a bit too much. Easy there with the photoshop! Everyone seems to be overdoing it. (Attention to the legs and foot - uh never mind, check out the whole body. Not saying that she doesn't have the curves but saying the brightness of a plastic leg or something).

Tan Bella como siempre!
Scarlett Johansson adorna el cover de la revista de hombres, GQ y fue coronada como la Chica del año. 

Pero creo que le pincelaron demasiado. Tranquilos con el photoshop! Al parecer todos estan sobre utilizandolos. (Ponle atención a sus pies - eh mejor dicho, chequeen su cuerpo entero. No digo que ella no tiene esas curvas voluptuosas pero digo lo tanto que brillan esos pies que parecen plasticos).

Scarlett in a Tank Dress, T by Alexander Wang
Scarlett en un vestido sin mangas, T de Alexander Wang

Check out the leg and foot!
Chequeen sus piernas!

Hey Barbie Babe Doll!
Wearing Vintage bodysuit by Azzedine Alaïa from Resurrection. 
Hola Barbie Muñeca!
Llevando un traje de cuerpo entero por Azzedine Alaïa de Resurreción.

Congratz to Scarlett! and Enjoy her hotness!



  1. i don't mind the photoshopping in these photos all that much. i used to work as a professional retoucher, and sometimes it's preferable to retouch skin a little more than usual because it minimizes the "sluttiness" factor. when a person stops looking so real and starts looking a little more "plastic" or doll-like, it automatically reduces the amount of bawdiness. for men's magazines this can be especially effective where poses tend to be along the more provocative route. in general, photo-retouching doesn't bother me too much. i feel it's important for photos, to give them that higher quality look and to evoke a certain feel. i only have a problem with it when they go overboard in making an already very thin model look even thinner, to the point where it's completely unrealistic.

    but anywho, that's my take on it. =) happy you asked the question though!

    Vogue Gone Rogue

  2. scarlett's gorgeous and doesn't need much photoshopping :) it looks to me like they simply made her skin glow more. props on featuring the lovely gal!