It's past Halloween.

Just a little reminder to Taylor Momsen, it is already past Halloween. Present date: November 8, 2010. So, dressing up as a raccoon zombie or whatever it is that you are wearing is quite scary.
Okay, I'm not saying that flower pattern and clear color are the only ones considered pretty however, Taylor Momsen is taking it to a whole other dark gothic 'edgy' level. We get you, you don't go with the 'norms' of society and you do whatever you want (Pretty Reckless), but aren't you Just trying Too Hard? Not exactly reckless (reckless: without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action) I mean, you Do think about it and you do dress up to make people think how intense and rock 'n' roll you are.
Even Tim Gunn can't take your presumptuous attitude.

Check out Taylor's choice of costume clothing:

What she wore for the EMAs. 

PS, she's just 17?



  1. Taylor needs serious help. I think Tim Gunn would run in the other direction if Taylor was approaching him.

  2. yes and she also needs to stop wearing her attitude on her face! she would be such a pretty little girl without all that 'tude!

  3. she looks scary! i bet she would be so pretty something simple with no makeup and her hair pulled back!


  4. ugh Taylor makes me so mad...such an angsty teen!!!

    xo Carlina