We're baaaaack!

 Posted by Carolina

We've neglected the blog! Oh the horror! 
Last week consisted of constant studying for midterms and exhaustion. Bummer.    This week has been filled with DOMINICANA MODA 2010, a week filled with designers, models and of course fashion. YAY.

We got to meet top model Arlenis Sosa. She is such a sweet girl, insanely nice, insanely tall. 

We'll continue to post regularly, from now on.  Keep on visiting and leaving your comments.  We really appreciate it :) 

Arlenis Sosa


Hemos abandonado el blog! QUE HORROR!.
La semana pasada lo pasamos estudiando constantemente para los parciales de la universidad. Ew. Esta semana nos la hemos pasado en DOMINICANA MODA 2010. YAY!

Conocimos a la top model Arlenis Sosa. Es divina! Super nice y claro, super alta.

Ya estaremos actualizando el blog regularmente. Asi que pasen por acá, y dejen sus comentarios. Se lo agradecemos :)

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