Day 10, Día 10

So I'm just going to skip to day 10 because seriously, Day 9 didn't happen much. And I have to say, the teacher doesn't really know how to teach. It sucks because both of the classes (Pattern and Sewing) are imparted by her. It sucks.

But Day 10 very interesting :) . We have our first midterm of Two-dimensional Class! I am excited. lol. We have to create our first pattern! and then use it to create a purse! How awesome is that!

Anyway, so last time i showed my two dimensional class work. This time, Im going to post a picture of my Anatomical Drawing homework. Which is draw our hands holding an object.

From left to right: 1st hand is holding an ace card, 2nd hand is holding a pocket mirror, 3rd hand is tangled with a necklace.

Next time, for Anatomical Drawing we will have to draw our feet! Yuck, I don't really like feet. Don't really know how that is gonna go, but hopefully I can nail it. :P


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