Movie We are looking forward to watch:

Go Natalie!
Black Swan - Official Trailer
I can't wait until this comes out! It's gonna be amazing, and look at the rating! 9.1/10.

Vamos Natalie!
Black Swan - Trailer Oficial 
Estoy desesperada a que esto salga! Va a ser increíble, y miren la puntuación! 9.1/10.



  1. That looks really interesting. Is it supposed to be a scary movie?

  2. Well, it is a drama/mystery/thriller type of movie.
    But, knowing the director (seeing his other movies) I bet is going to be something dark and surreal. Some people may consider it scary. :)

  3. Hola!! Me encanta el blog gracias por pasarte por mi blog y dejar un comentario!! Muchas graias. Me encanta que estes estudiando diseño!!