Vogue Hommes Japan: Rick "Rico" Genest

Posted by Carolina

You know that dude featured in Lady Gaga's music video for Born this Way?..Why yes friends, all that ink is real. 

Rick "Rico" Genest has tatooed his body to portray a real life human skeleton, and for this (and thanks to the help of Nicola Formichetti) he has gained fame as a model.  Here he is in the new issue of Vogue Hommes Japan photographed by Mariano Vivanco.  

Rick "Rico" Genest tatuó su cuerpo para poder representar un esqueleto viviente, y por tal motivo (y gracias a la ayuda de Nicola Formichetti) ha ganado fama como modelo.  Acá lo podemos ver en la nueva edición de Vogue Hommes Japan fotografiado por Mariano Vivanco.

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  1. that Nicola Formichetti is a friggin genius!
    that man has the golden touch!
    personally,did'nt really go 'gaga' over the born this way video!


  2. Oh my goodness--this is insane!! But its awesome, I definitely need to check out the Born this Way video soon! xoxo