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Posted by Carolina

mcQueenBeep won't even acknowledge the hot mess of the 2011 People's choice awards.  Every single dress was boring, ugly or both. 

mcQueenBeep no hará mención de los  People's Choice Awards 2011.  Todos los vestidos fueron aburridos o feos.

Moving on...

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Loving Prada's monkey dress...Perfect for evening events at the beach.  I live in the Dominican Republic aka Caribbean so different types of beachwear are always present in my mind.

Me encanta el vestido de Monos de Prada...Perfecto para un evento de noche en la playa.  Resido en República Dominicana, o sea, en el Caribe. Asi que siempre tengo presente la Ropa para la Playa.

Natalie Portman is absolutely stunning, hopefully I'll be able to watch  her new movie "Black Swan" this week, apparently it's ridiculously good.  Here is Natalie wearing Vionnet Spring 2011 at the 2011 Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala in California.

Natalie Portman es preciosa, espero poder ver su nueva pelicula "Cisne Negro" esta semana, esta buenisimo según las opiniones de amigos que ya la han visto.  Acá esta Natalie vestiga de Vionnet Primavera 2011 en la Gala de los  Premios del Festival de Filme International de Palm Springs en California. 

Personal Info!: Christmas break is over, started University last Monday, all good and dandy so far (lot of homework though).  Marilyn and I start our second semester of Fashion Design this thursday. I am SO excited, specially to start my Fashion Illustration course. I want to design!  We'll keep you all updated of course :)

Info. Personal!: Las vacaciones Navideñas finalizaron, comenzamos la Universidad el pasado Lunes, todo ha salido bien hasta ahora (aunque con mucha tarea).  Marilyn y yo comenzamos nuestro segundo semestre de Diseño de Modas este Jueves.  Estoy TAN emocionada, especialmente por comenzar Ilustración de Modas. Ya quiero diseñar!.  Los mantendremos al tanto, obviamente :)

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  1. im loving the prada monkey dress! so cool!

  2. couldn't agree more about the peoples choice awards, such a let down. I can't wait for Black Swan to finally come out here heard only good things :)

  3. Lovely post! That monkey is adorable and I heard Black Swan is super crazy!


  4. Black Swan was amazing. It definitely messes with you, psychologically, but it's very good. Natalie Portman is gorgeous!

    How exciting for you to start your new fashion courses! Interested in seeing how they go.

    Lindsey Soup

  5. If you were dissapointed by the people's choice awards, you still got the Golden Globes. Cannot wait to see who will win best actress.

    Thanks for your comment. Have a lovely day!


  6. Wow, the monkey dress is so weird and chic....

  7. So much to say about your post!:
    1) I have to disagree, I loved a lot of the outfits from the People's choice awards, and I actually just blogged about it!

    2) You're so lucky you live in the Dominican Republic, I just read in a magazine that neon beach colors are in for Spring!

    3) I LOVE Natalie Portman's Vionnet dress too! A lot of critics said they didn't like it at all, but I thought it was fabulous :)

    4) I've been dying to watch Black Swan. I'm going to watch it this week too!

    <33 xoxo!

  8. I love this! I was looking through your posts - you have impeccable taste, darling.