First of all: Happy New Year all! Hope you all had a blast celebrating this new beginning and have rested enough to start 2011.

Having said that, we are happy to announce that our lazyness vacation is over as well. We will be posting regularly, as much as we can. :D

However this post has to do with last year. Just wanted to show you guys what we learned in our 1st semester in our Fashion Design career. 
We made not One but TWO clothing masterpieces: a shirt and a skirt. But let me warn you guys, the style is rather old fashioned (extremely old) because the pattern, well the design was created by our dear teacher, whom I hope I will NOT see her anytime soon. And please don't laugh, its my first ever piece cut and sewn by me (not taking into consideration the Barbie dresses I've made when I was a kid).

Pardon me, it is not ironed. Though to tell you the truth it doesn't really make any difference because I sewed it wrong or something.
The skirt is behind, it is a long (10 inches below the knee) classic/office skirt that hopefully no one uses anymore?.

This is the size of our portfolio. What we have learned this semester, all pasted there.

One of the pages. From top to bottom: a belt, a ribbon, buttons wrapped in chiffon and last but not least, a flower (looks better from the top view, but since it's pasted :( ).

So there you have it. The results of our 1st semester.


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