GQ Men Of The Year: 2011

Posted by Carolina

Best Dressed//Mejor Vestida: 
Daisy Lowe in Jexica. This was the best thing at the awards,she does look lovely.

Here's a better picture...Dr.Who included.

It all goes downhill from here...

Bitch, Please//Es en serio?: 
Emma Watson in a McQ dress and Christian Louboutin studded leather pumps. I don't even know. I'm torned. Loving the heels though.

WHY U SO CLASSY BB?//Irrelevante:  
Abbey Clancy in Emanuel Ungaro and Christian Louboutin studded leather pumps.  So so so classy. Such good taste. Keep doing what you're doing. Ohmy.

I'm so over this obsession with Christian Louboutin. Every actress, artist, socialite is wearing the exact same shoe. There are other shoe brands out there. 
Both Emma and Abbey are wearing the  Christian Louboutin Pigalle Spikes studded leather pumps


  1. Their outfits were horrible, sad to say. I am obsessed with Louboutin's, but I definitely agree that there are a lot of great quality shoe designers out there that no one is paying any attention to...and now people are ending up wearing the same exact shoe. But on the bright side Daisy Lowe looked AMAZING! xo

  2. Daisy is such a babe!