Faces of the Year 2010.

Well, the year is almost over and therefore bring all the lists of everything we can think of that happened this year and name titles of people that made something memorable.

Here is one of Interview Magazine: Faces of 2010.

The Networker: Jessie Eisenberg

The Transformer: Blake Lively
Truly transformed for the best!

The King of Tweens: Justin Bieber
What is up with those fly sunglasses?

The Breakthrough Designer: Joseph Altuzarra

The Consummate Professional: Ryan Gosling

The Breakthrough Rapper: Nicki Minaj
Looking good!

The Renaissance Man: James Franco
Of course he is!

The Newly-Minted Icon: Carey Mulligan

The Party Animal: Ke$ha 
No comment.

The Cameo Queen: Wynona Ryder
Looking lovely!

The Graduate: Emma Watson
Smart and Sexy!

The Breakthrough Actor: Andrew Garfield

The Denizen of Downtown Chic: Alexander Wang
Loving the pic and clothing!

Hope you enjoyed! There are several other names including Jay-Z, Mia Wasikowska, Greta Gerwig. 

People, keep the list coming!


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